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We work with established restaurants to increase operational efficiency. We help spark enthusiasm, creativity, and a new sense of direction through vendor negotiations, technology, and operational execution. We work towards peace of mind, increased profitability and seeing your business in a new light.

New Light Hospitality

 Have you ever asked yourself any or all of these questions?

 Am I getting the best deal?
Am I using the right tech?
Am I using the right POS?
How can I be more profitable?
How much should I charge?
Do I have the right strategy for delivery and TOGO?
How can I maximize relationships with my vendors?
What are my competitors doing?
I wish I had someone who I could bounce ideas off….
How do I get my managers to do the simple stuff? (just do their job?)
Am I being intentional with everything I am doing?
I need an operations manager, but I can’t afford one.

We specialize in identifying areas of opportunity within your restaurant.
From Culture realignment, to building systems and processes, we will taylor make a solution
that works best for you.

We also specialize in working with your vendors to ensure you are paying the best price for your
products and services...
How do we do this? Give us a call and we would love to talk over what that
would look like.


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